Join the Taiko Experience!
Saturday March 2, 2013
3:00 pm - 6:30 pm

The Memorial Hall at Enmanji
1200 Gravenstein Hwy South, Sebastopol
Fee $45

Registration Deadline February 22nd

What is Taiko?
Taiko is the dynamic Japanese art of playing the big drum.
Characterized by its physical nature and integration of dance and movement.

What is the Taiko Experience?

The Taiko Experience is a 2 1/2 hour workshop with Sonoma County Taiko
that will cover the basics of playing Taiko and you will be
taught a song to perform with Sonoma County Taiko.

What will be taught?
You will be taught the art of Taiko playing.
Taiko playing is a physical artform and requires
some form and technique instruction.
You will learn how taiko songs are communicated and practiced.
You will learn a song that you will perform with
Sonoma County Taiko at the end of workshop performance.

Who is eligible to experience taiko?
For this workshop you must be at least 13 years of age,
in moderate physical shape (able to stand and move),
interested in this experience. No prior taiko experience needed.

What is the Fee for The Taiko Experience?
The fee is $45 for the 2.5 hour workshop
and admission for 2 guests to the 30 minute performance.

Who is the Performance open to?
Your registration will allow you to have 2 guests come to the performance.
Additional guests are welcome for a $2 donation at the door.
Click here to download a flyer to invite friends.
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The Taiko Experience
Section I Over view and Basic Instruction 3:00pm
Section II Introduction to Performance Piece 3:45pm
Section III Practice of Performance Piece 4:30pm
Section IV Rehearsal of Performance Piece 5:00pm
  Break 00:30
  Performance 6:00pm
  End 6:30pm

Registration Required
Deadline one week prior.
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